TWS Come Up Tour Nashville

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TWS Come Up Tour Nashville

TWS Come Up Tour Nashville

Spencer Prati, JZ RadicaL, Brandon Bonner, Cmart and Grace Abbott drove from NYC to Nashville and back stopping through Virginia, West Virginia and Kentucky before finally making it to Nashville for the 3rd stop of the TWS Come Up Tour. The 7-day tour was a ton of fun!

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20 - AZ Skate Team - Natural Bridge, VAsm

20 - Brandon Bonner at The Natural Bridge in Virginasm

20 - Cmart hits an alleyway 50-50 in Knoxvillesm

20 - JZ goes up and over with a hippy jump in Lexingtonsm

20 - Spencer Prati reps Pacific Drive with an Ollie North - photo Cmartsm

20 - The last photo of the tour at Bonestalone's house in Fredericksburg with his familysm

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