Our Story

In early 2007, AriZona started to take interest in an elite, underground skate brand, known as ‘Natural Koncept‘. Relating to it’s street-style and raw creativity, AriZona aligned with Natural Koncept’s, JZ Radical sending him around the globe to find and collaborate with the best in the skate game.

After sponsoring countless tours throughout the USA, Mexico, South America, Europe and even parts of Asia we’re stoked to officially introduce the AZ skateboard team consisting of world class riders Brandon Bonner aka Bonestalone, Colombian Superstar Juan Pablo Velez, Santo Domingo born Carlo Carezzano, Connecticut’s JJ Colon and NYC’s  Leo Heinert.  

The Amateur squad consists of Costa Rica’s Jefferson “YiYo” Obando, Argentina ripper Eugenia Ginepro & Miami’s Simon Vasquez. 

The team recently finished the Piña Colada Tour in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Look out for the next AriZona Skate Tour coming to a city near you. Over here, everyone agrees AriZona Iced Tea’s 99 ¢ent Big Can is the official beverage of street skateboarding. What do you think?


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