Pro Team


Meet JZRadical

1. Where’s your hometown? Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Took off when I was 18 – straight to San Diego. Then Colorado and finally New York City!
2. What’s your favorite tricks? No-Comply, sketchy drop-ins, frontside grinds on handrails
3. What’s your go-to AZ drink? Lovin’ that crispy cold 23oz. sweet tea. Yum Yum.
4. Who’s do you look up to? Jim Ruonala, owner of Pacific Drive Skate Shop. Blair Alley and Mike Fitz from Transworld Skateboarding Magazine. Cullen Poythress, RB Umali, my family and my girlfriend Grace Abbott.
5 Who’s your favorite skater? The legends Mark Gonzales and Jason Dill of course. Dylan Reider and Bryan Herman are definitely on top of the list. Michael Mackrodt rules. We spent a week on tour in Vietnam filming with Patrik Wallner and “Mishi” tore it up! The French shredder – Bastien Duverdier. He’s an all terrain killer with a super creative style. Hawaii’s own Chris Kays – big airs and classic, clean steeze. Jose David Velez, Juan Pablo Velez and Mara from Medellin, Colombia.
6. What city is your dream location to visit and skate? Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They have these incredible mosaic natural quarter pipes. And a sun dial that is absolutely perfect to skate! Paris, Moscow, Osaka and Lisbon are my favorite cities that I have skated. And NYC for sure.
7. Favorite bands? Charlatans UK, Ride, Pixies, Sonic Youth, Black Sabbath, The National, Japanther, Jets to Brazil, New Order, Gorillaz, A Flock of Seagulls
8. Favorite skate video? Mouse, Heavy Metal, Bag of Suck, Oververt, Jump Off a Building, Streets on Fire, Shackle Me Not, Recycled Rubbish
9. Favorite food? Tacos on the street in Mexico City.


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