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Felix Meyers

Meet Felix Meyers

1. Where’s your hometown? Milwaukee, WI
2. What’s your favorite tricks? My favorite tricks are Kickflips, Alley Oop Inverts, Smith & Feeble grinds, and Ollie Norths.
3. What’s your go-to AZ drink? My go-to drink is the Arizona Green Tea with Ginseng and Honey.
4. Who’s your idol? or Who do you look up to? Could be a skater, musician, friend, whoever. I have always looked up to Lance Mountain and Danny Way because of how motivated they are. They have shown they have what it takes to accomplish anything.
5. What city is your dream location to visit and skate? San Paulo Brazil because that’s where Bob Burnquist is from. Also, I have always wanted to try the mega ramp.
6. Favorite bands? My favorite bands are Black Sabbath and The Pixies.
7. Favorite skate video? My two favorite videos are Blind – What if? and Bob Burnquist’s part in Flip Extremely Sorry.
8. Favorite food? My favorite foods are ribs, wings, and for dessert cheese cake with the blueberry spread on the top.

Sponsors: Four Seasons Skate park in Milwaukee.


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