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Dylan Lemere

Meet Dylan Lemere

1. Where’s your hometown? My hometown is good ole Lincoln, Nebraska.
2. What’s your favorite tricks? My favorite tricks are heel flips, switch front shoves and any tranny.
3. What’s your go-to AZ drink? My favorite go-to Arizona drink is the Rx Herbal Tonic or the Green Tea for a crisp pick me up.
4. Who’s your idol? Some people I really look up to #1 is my mom, everyone that has been there to support me and AZ tea for giving me this amazing opportunity.
5 Who’s your favorite skater? Favorite skaters in no order are Felipe Gustavo, Torey Pudwill, Paul Rodriguez, Sean Malto and Chris Joslin.
6. What city is your dream location to visit and skate? My dream place to visit and skate is China or Barcelona.
7. Favorite bands? Favorite artists to skate to range from Biggie Smalls to Pink Floyd depending on the day.
8. Favorite skate video? My top 3 favorite skate vids are PlanB True, Pretty Sweet and The DC video.
9. Favorite food? My favorite food is El Toro Mexican restaurant or any authentic Italian dishes.

Sponsors: AZ is my only sponsor but the privilege to call myself apart of the team is all I could ask for, and I’m very thankful for that.



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