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Adrian McElhaney

Meet Adrian McElhaney

1. Where’s your hometown? San Diego
2. What’s your favorite tricks? Backside tailslide, kickflip, and all no comply’s
3. What’s your go-to AZ drink? Green Tea
4. Who’s do you look up to? Woody Harrelson and Pharrell
5 Who’s your favorite skater? Ben Skrzypek, Wes Kremer
6. What city is your dream location to visit and skate? Any major cities in Asia
7. Favorite bands? Radiohead and Pink Floyd
8. Favorite skate video? Welcome to hell and Transworld’s Modus Operandi
9. Favorite food? All of it! Pizza, burgers and sushi. 

Sponsors: I want to give lots of love to my sponsors Natural Koncept skateboard, Etonic Shoes, Arizona Iced Tea, Pull-In Underwear, Yoyo bearings, Route 44, Skate shop, Best Friend

Natural Koncept’s Creepin’ For Life

Natural Koncept’s Dysfunctional Family



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